Cancer Women

Cancer Women

Welcome to this descriptive guide to Cancer Women; find out which of the twelve signs of the zodiac you are most compatible with and all about their personalities, truths, characteristics, traits and Zodiac Sign Compatibility in love, relationships, work, career, money, marriage and friendship!

Cancer women are lovely, caring individuals who are very genuine and faithful. They take great joy in looking after people and attending to their needs. They respect their loved ones greatly and like to make them feel special.

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This is the type of person that will apply great thought and consideration into providing their partner with things that will make them feel happy. They are likely to express their feelings through creativity rather than words. For example, by making their partner a special meal as this is a good way to express their feelings without having to say anything at all. They say that actions speak louder than words, and in the case of Cancerian women, this is often very true!


Cancer Dates:
22nd June to 22nd July

Cancer Women

They choose their friends very carefully and like people whom they can feel comfortable around and trust enough to open up to. This star sign can give the impression that they are secretive, and to some degree, this is often true.

They do not like to air their business in public as they are private individuals who do not enjoy discussing their intimate relationships or personal problems with others. It can take time to get to know Cancer women as they do tend to keep things to themselves and due to this, some people will think they are very passive, but this is not usually true!

Cancer Women

Element - Water

Quality - Cardinal
Ruling Planet - The Moon
Cancerian Symbol - The Crab
Birthstone - Ruby
Positive Personality Traits:

Given time, Cancer women will learn to trust and share their feelings more openly. Anybody dating a female from this sign should remember not to pressurize them too much into sharing their feelings and as they will open up when they are ready!

Cancer females are very dependable and once they have made up their mind about something, they will see it through to the end.

Negative Personality Traits:

Cancer Women

Some believe that those belonging to Cancer are up and down, like an emotional roller coaster, and can be quite moody. It is important to remember that this sign is both a worrier and a protector, which are great responsibilities that are taken very seriously by Cancer women. They like to know that their loved ones are safe and happy!

Women from this sign have unique personalities, and excellent relationship qualities, as they are very easy to get along with, as well as extremely loyal and committed. They take a respectful approach towards their relationships and once they have found their soul mate, they become entirely devoted and feel very protective towards them. Cancer women have a tendency to take these feelings of protection to the extreme and can sometimes make their partner feel mothered.

Cancer Women

Female Cancerians should allow their partner freedom to do their own thing and have their own opinions, otherwise they could risk losing them if they cause them to feel trapped or too claustrophobic.

Cancer women are very sensual and kind-hearted, they will often avoid confrontation, and they wouldn't like to think that they'd upset anybody as this really isn't their way.

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Cancer Women
Sometime females belonging to this star sign can be misunderstood, simply because they keep their feelings to themselves. Other people can sometimes get the impression that they are reserved or cold. Cancer women are usually great worriers that will apply a lot of thought and unnecessary concern to their personal circumstances. They tend to worry a lot about their loved ones so their partner needs to be aware of this and perhaps explain to them that they appreciate their concern but they needn't worry unnecessarily about them. This will help to avoid health issues, such as stress and anxiety, which is something that those belonging to this sign tend to suffer with. Cancerians enjoy a little peace and quiet away from it all, and this is good for their overall health and well-being. Women in particular are very creative and imaginative. Many are good at sewing and crafts, and will often focus their energies towards such hobbies.

Cancer Women
Cancer women often have great intuition because they are sensitive souls that can relate to the feeling and needs of others. They sometimes have the ability to sense how their partner is feeling without having been told. These caring individuals are also great listeners, they are not quick to judge and this is something that is often appreciated by their loved ones. Cancer women are supportive and very dependable. They are committed to their relationships and remain very loyal to their partner. Females from this sign make fantastic friends, work colleagues, parents and partners. They require soul mates whom they can trust completely - not only to remain faithful but also not to hurt her feelings. This is very important as they are sentimental and take things to heart. Therefore, it is important that Cancer women have partners who respect their feelings, and do not intentionally hurt them, as this can ultimately ruin the relationship as it can cause a great deal of upset.

Cancer Women
Cancer women will often stick to what they know best, and will fear the unknown or the idea of change. For example, they will often settle in one home and feel very reluctant to move. They like to keep their memories alive and have a tendency to hoard things, feeling unable to throw anything away, particularly if it holds sentimental value! Cancer women have wonderful qualities, they are very sweet individuals who leave a great impact upon the lives of others. Many will admire the pure innocence and likeability of this sign, and the ways in which they have the ability to wait patiently for what they want and handle situations in a calm manner, taking things in their stride. Apart from worrying unnecessarily, they are very positive people who inspire others and enable them to see things in a better light. They usually make very good decisions and their loved ones feel that they can confide in them and tell them their deepest secrets. However, they should be aware that their Cancer friend may not do the same in return as they like to keep their business private!

Cancer Women

When it comes to relationships, the Cancer woman is very loving, passionate, attentive, exciting, adventurous, generous, caring and romantic. She makes both an excellent friend and lover, and has the ability to make others feel very special. Cancerian women are conscious of their partner's feelings and like to know they are happy. The pitfall of this star sign is often their reluctance to accept change, but sometimes in life, change is ultimately going to occur and it is something that they must learn to accept nothing stays the same forever! The Cancer star sign is ruled by the Moon which influences their emotions the two main emotions being their sensitivity and strong desire to protect their loved ones. Females belonging to this sign are often most compatible with Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Pisces as they can offer them the stability that they crave.

Facts about Cancer Women

  • Single Cancer Women are stable, genuine, loving and trustworthy

  • Cancer women are usually very homely and like to feel settled

  • Cancer women are very dependable - they make excellent friends, colleagues & partners


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Cancer Women